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Community Recreation Program

Experience great Canadian adventure activities alongside Canadian (and International!) students with the Outdoor Education Program!  

At Robert Bateman Secondary International Students take the full  Outdoor Recreation Program  for course credit,

At WJ Mouat International Students can join the full Community Recreation Extreme Program for credit, or they can choose to participate in individual activities - check out the trip calendar on the site.

Have a look at their Facebook page for pictures and updates!  Hear what past students have to say about this awesome course

Each trip has an associated cost, depending on the nature of the destination and equipment involved.


 Sep 15                Trek 1            Hiking the Othello Tunnels

* Sep 16                Trek 1             skills-night

* Sep 23-25          Trek 3           Tag the Tusk

* Sep 26                 Bike             Mt Biking Sumas Mt

* Oct 3                    Bike             Mt Biking Sumas Mt
2:30-7:00pm         $5.00                 9/10/11/12/X

* Oct 20-21            River           River rafting or kayaking

*Oct 28                  River (Day) River rafting or Kayaking International

* November 9                                 Adv. Sports (Paintball)

* November 14                                Adv. Sports (Paintball)

* November 22                                Adv. Sports (Paintball) International

* Dec 9-10                               Lindeman Lake Backpacking International

* Jan 13                                            Ski/Snowboard Snowshoe International

* Feb  24(pro-D Day)                    Ski/Snowboard Snowshoe International

* March 10                                       Ski/Snowboard Snowshoe International

* Mar 31-Apr 2  Two Night Ski/Snowboard Snowshoe Trip International

* April 6                                         Adv. Sports (Paintball)

* April 12                                         Adv. Sports (Paintball)   

* April 19                                         Adv. Sports (Paintball) International  

* Apr 27-30            Trek 4              A Taste of the Stein International

* May 1, 8, 15, 29, Jun 5, 12  Comm Rec Rocks! Rock Climbing Club International