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Rawin Pinkoh, Thailand

This school is awesome!

"First time I step in to this school, I think this school is great. You're different from Thai Principal. Thai Principal just sit in the office, sign documents, make appointments etc...but you walked around the school with walkie-talkie that made me surprised. About this school. This schools is awesome. There are many intersting subjects. Rick Hansen Seocndary School has a nice Science Lab, classroom, cafeteria, gym and workshop. There are some subject that doesn't have in Thailand like Photography, broadcast, food study, family study etc...That makes me exited to be a student of RHSS.

RHSS students are great. All of them are friendly and kind. No bully, no criminal no thief. All of RHSS teachers are excellent. If I have a chance to come to BC again the places that I won't going to miss to visit are Abbotsford and Rick Hansen Secondary School."

"Proud to be a part of Rick Hansen Secondary School. Thanks for the shirt!"