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Shin, Korea

I became more resposible and grew up.

Whenever someone comes up and asks me of best moment, I say when I was in Canada. While I was staying in Canada, I was benefitted by International Program in Abbotsford a lot. Before I came to Canada, I was worried when I read and heard about complains of international program in Canada. However, Abbotsford International Program totally got rid of my concerns. First, it was really easy to communicate with the school district through the international assistant. International Assistant visited my school almost every day and he was so friendly that I could discuss any problems. Second, I had really good host family. My host family, Wayne and Betty treated me like their own son and an adult. Thus, I became more resposible and grew up. Because Abbotsford International Program provided me great surroundings, I was able to focus on studying at school and stepped forward to my future career as a businessman."