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Ariel from China, June 2019

I appreciate everything and everyone I met; my friends, teachers, International Assistants, and all the staffs at the International Department.


At the age of 15, I came to Canada all by myself from my home country -China. As soon as I arrived, I started to realize that some people here have misunderstandings about my country while people in China also have misunderstandings about Canada. From my personal angle alone, I enjoy living in both countries although people might think that they must be two different worlds. I love both countries. I like both the busy urban lifestyle at home and the slower path here so I can enjoy my life. However, I've faced some difficulties. Fortunately, I never give in. The first challenge for me was English. When I first came, I didn't know much English. Luckily, I have a close relationship with my host family; they have always treated me as a part of the family. With this lovely and caring family's help and my hard work, I improved my language and did well on all of my courses at school. In the meanwhile, I stayed active in a lot of after-school activities -Abbotsford Youth Orchestra, Swim Team, volunteering events… The second challenge was in last February; I had a serious lymphatic disease that I had to go back home for treatments. Although I missed almost a month of school, I kept my marks high and got involved in both Effort and Academic Honor roll. As of now, my high school years is about to end and I am ready to start my new journey in UBC. I got an offer from UBC Engineering Program; soon I will attend school there in September. After graduation, I am going to become an electrical engineer. All in all, the two and a half years' experience in Abbotsford has helped me to become a better person. I appreciate everything and everyone I met; my friends, teachers, International Assistants, and all the staffs at the International Department. 

Post-secondary plans

I always have a dream to become a scientist from the earliest years. I was influenced by my grandparents who are respectively, chemical engineer, mechanical engineer, and structural engineer. After years of hard work, I am closer to my dream now. I have applied to and got an offer from UBC Engineering Program. My plan is to choose Electrical Engineering as my major in the second year and start the Co-op Program in the third year in order to prepare myself for the work field. 


  • September 2016 -Ongoing, Tutor at Spark Online Tutoring Program by China Social Assistance Foundation
  • March 2017 -March 2018, Principle Viola at Abbotsford Youth Orchestra
  • WJ Mouat Swim Team Fall 2017
  • March 2019 -Ongoing, Work Experience (Teacher's Assistant) at John Maclure Community School
  • April 2019 -Ongoing, Work Experience at Clearbrook Animal Hospital
  • October 2018 -December 2018, Member of Volunteer Promotion Group of Jam Hsiao "Mr. Entertainment" World Tour Concert