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Bella from Korea, June 2019 - University of Toronto Scholarship Student

My school has pushed me to overcome my limits, and shaped me as a leader and an instigator of change


Starting high school in a different country, I was intimidated to say the least; not only did I have to adjust to a whole new education system, but there was the language barrier and the fear of starting fresh without anyone to guide me. At first, I let this fear overcome me and concealed my differences to avoid getting judged, or to simply fit in. However, as I immersed myself into the school community, joining different clubs and getting involved, I found a sense of belonging and welcome in the places where I expected criticism and judgement. This allowed me to embrace my differences as unique perspectives that bring different ideas to the table. I began carrying myself with more confidence, which allowed me to explore and find my passions.

Reflecting on my high school career, from founding the human rights club to being the president of math camp, the achievements that I am most proud of were always done out of passion. Passion and dedication have pushed me out of my comfort zone to do the things that I never imagined myself to do. They have allowed me to dive into the things that I truly enjoy from humanitarian issues to music and math and use my enthusiasm to inspire others. Furthermore, they have encouraged me to stand up for what I believe in, initiating action and facilitating change.


  • February 2018 - ongoing; Co-founder of Y.E.S for human rights at Yale secondary
  • February 2018 - February; 2019 Volunteer in the VolunTEEN program at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital
  • September 2018 - ongoing; Member of Math Camp
  • September 2017 - ongoing; Member of Concert Band at Yale Secondary
  • September 2018 - February 2019; Member of Pit Orchestra at Yale Secondary

Post-Secondary Plans

I was accepted to the University of Toronto as a U of T Scholar, with a $7500 scholarship.  I will be pursuing a bachelor of commerce degree and am hoping to major in Economics and Finance with a specialization in sustainability.  My long term goal is to work at the International labour Organization.