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Deniz from Turkey, June 2019

If I were describing Abbotsford with three words, I would use these ones: Minimal, blissful, inspiring...

Post-secondary plans

I'm planning to study jazz guitar and music production. I've sent my application to one specific school, Bishop's University. (Popular music/Jazz studies) They accepted my application 4 months ago. But I see Bishop's university as a step to the network of musicians. My motto is to follow the change with the change itself. That's why for later on, I'm planning to transfer to other schools like McGill, Berklee, Julliard, etc. Seeing different teachers and mentors will make improve my musicianship, I believe:) Since I don't have an income yet, my mom is helping me with the first year fees. But I want to stand on my own feet and earn my living by myself. That's why I'm planning to play in jazz clubs, give lessons and busk in order to achieve my goals. 

My first semester academic grades were high enough to satisfy a person with high standards, like me:) I'm expecting the same from the Second semester too. I have lots of ideas for my future in mind. Studying in music schools, gigging, playing at festivals, meeting and working with other musicians, teach music to the ones in need and keep growing musically. 



  • September 2018-June 2019 Member of ASIA Sumas Jazz Band ensemble (guitarist)
  • September 2018-June 2019 Member of ASIA Sumas Vocal jazz ensemble (drummer)
  • February 2019- Member of Surrey Jazz festival honour band. (Guitarist)

Thanks to my school board's contribution to band organizations, I earned 2 awards and 1 scholarship at Surrey Jazz Festival this February. Festival jury titled me as Best Musician and Best Guitarist. (Junior/Senior bands) 


Abbotsford is definitely smaller than my hometown. That's why the first five months of my journey were pretty depressing and lonely. I had hard time with my first host parents, I couldn't find other musicians to play with and I didn't have a mentor to follow their knowledge on music. Even though I loved my school, it often got pretty overwhelming and stressing. But not for long. After some time, I learned to enjoy being alone. Abbotsford inspired me to find my own sound and produce my own music. And for your information, I see this time of period a milestone in my musical career, and also; in my life. I was able to practice other instruments like upright bass, drums and clarinet at school. This opportunity allowed me to look at music from different angles, with different sounds.