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Chweh Jeongwon from Korea, Robert Bateman Secondary 2020

For the past two years, my love for Canada grew more; Canada is now a second home to me.

My experience in Canada has a long story. I first joined the Abbotsford International Program in 2011, the year when I was in grade 4. At that time, I barely spoke English. I still remember the moment that I failed to reply to my classmate because I did not know what the word "between" meant. After six months, I was speaking fluently with others in English. During my time in Canada, I had so many incredible experiences which I will never forget. 

I went back to Korea after graduating from elementary school, and later came back to Canada and joined Robert Bateman Secondary in grade 11. Before the first day of school, I was very worried about whether if I could comprehend all the curriculum or make new friends. However, after the orientation, I met many international friends who were very friendly and supportive. Furthermore, I met so many teachers who encouraged my passion. 

During my stay in Canada, I had many exceptional experiences. One of the most memorable experiences happened in the Key Club. Being a member of the club for two years, it provided special opportunities that changed my original intent of joining the club: to receive volunteer hours. For example, I participated in the Christmas Tree Lighting Festival, and the event helped me to build companionship with my friends and to interact with the members in the local community. Some classes in the school also offered me unique experiences. For instance, my Photography 11 class engaged in a photography exhibition held in the Highstreet Mall, which allowed me to display my work to the public. 

For the past two years, my love for Canada grew more; Canada is now a second home to me. My journey in Canada does not end with high school graduation. I am planning to move to Toronto and enroll in the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. In university, I plan to study management and enrich my work experiences through their Co-op Program. 


Feb 2019 - Fermat math Contest operated by the University in Waterloo - top 25% in Canada

Photography Exhibition - April - May 2019 - Photography 11 - Topic: Importance of Water - Happened: Highstreet mall
The Stump - Feb ~ Jun 2020 - Business Leadership 12 - selling, marketing, finance, etc
Peer-tutoring - Sept 2019 ~ Jan 2020 - Pre-calculus 11

Key Club - Sept 2018 ~ Jun 2020 - volunteering club
Whippersnapper - Sept 2018 ~ Jan 2020 - debating club

Artistry Cafe - Jan 2019 ~ Mar 2020 - operating & selling coffee in Artistry Cafe(RBSS)
Gleaners - 3 times - cutting vegetables and make a soup for poor
Food Bank
Christmas Tree Lightning Festival- Dec 2018 - decorating gingerbread cookies)
Abbotsford Tulip Festival - April 2019 - wrapping tulips
Year End Celebration Student Volunteer at Rick Hansen - May 2019


BC Forensic League - Aug 2018 ~ Jan 2019 - debating organization - won: Best Speaker Individual Award(1st), Best Team Award(2nd, 3rd)

Post-Secondary Plans

I applied to eight universities: University of Toronto St. George Campus & Mississauga Campus, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Queen’s University, York University, McMaster University, University of Alberta in the Bachelor of Arts Program/Social Science. I also applied to University of Toronto Scarborough in the Management Program. I also received scholarship offers from many universities(UTSC: $1000, UTM: $2000, U of A: $3000, McMaster: $2500, Queen’s: $1500). After careful consideration, I decided to enroll in Co-op Management at the University of Toronto Scarborough. I chose management not only because the program is highly relevant to my future career, but also it was a program that offers 12 months of the work term. I'm still thinking about my future career, but I currently wish to work in the marketing section after graduation.