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Han Houeun from Korea, Yale 2020

Not only providing a great community, Abbotsford gifted me with a great learning environment.

Coming to Canada at a very young age, I had little to no information on where I was staying nor what it would be like to be studying in Canada. Moving over to new places was never my favorite, for some reason it would always end up with kids judging me or getting myself bullied by them. Because of my unfortunate childhood, all I felt was fear and confusion. However, these negative thoughts disappeared as soon as I entered my first class. Everyone greeted me with a warm welcoming heart. This was very shocking to me. I thought since I look different from them I would be judged, but that did not occur. Not only this they accepted me as a family making a strong bond which continued on through high school.

Not only providing a great community, Abbotsford gifted me with a great learning environment. Back in Korea education is quite different compared to Canada which was pretty shocking to me. In Korea, students are taught the same and the process of getting to an answer did not matter. In Canada, students are given a variety of choices with each and everyone taken care of. This helped me and others to explore what we are able to do instead of what we are forced to do. With this guided learning I acquired a grade I could not think of which was around 91% average.

Abbotsford provided me with a great learning place. I could have not gotten this far without many teachers, friends and my family. I thank everyone who helped me in my high school career.


2016~2020 Alter Server at saint ann’s church 

2013~2014 Abbotsford Olympian swim club

2014~2020 Chilliwack Spartan swim club 

2016~2020 Yale secondary swim team 

2019~2020 AP Calculus peer tutor 

2016 Participant of BC summer game 

Post secondary plans 

I got accepted into Western university in London, Ontario. I will be studying  medical science and am hoping to get into medical school after I get my degree. My long term goal is to become a surgeon in hope to save lives.