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Blog: Friday, February 4th, 2022

Things are Looking Up for International Education

After Two Years of the Pandemic

It has been a very challenging few years for everyone and this certainly includes the international department. A new layer of protocols has added many challenges to the international landscape. Despite complex travel restrictions, our program has remained successful and attractive for foreign students.

Did you know that current international students in the district come from 16 different countries? The majority of our international students in elementary and middle schools are from South Korea, but in secondary schools, we have students from around the globe. Pandemic travel rules are as diverse as the countries of origin are rapidly changing. It has been a marathon.

At the start of the pandemic, the international student population decreased 55%. The fear of the unknown, closing borders, travel restrictions caused the decline. However, our student recruitment efforts have not stopped. Thanks to the technology, we have been able to continue to connect with our overseas partners to foster partnerships, develop new partnerships, and meet with prospective clients virtually. With these ongoing efforts, we have been able to gain back 33% of the students lost in the current school year. We are winning the marathon!

International students choose to study abroad for multiple reasons. Some come for English Immersion, others for the cultural experience, while others are even planning to continue onto post-secondary education in Canada. Abbotsford remains high on the choice of their study destination. Thanks to our great schools and dedicated and caring staff. Kudos to everyone! We are projecting another increase in enrollment in September 2022.

The international team is committed to upholding the highest integrity in providing guidance and support in understanding cultural and educational differences. Through openness and communication, we will continue to foster life-changing experiences to lead to a critical and compassionate worldview.

Manager, International Student Program