Getting involved with sports is one of the best ways to make new friends. We have had numerous International Students join teams and it has been the highlight of their experience in Canada.  International students can join school programs, and can also participate in teams and clubs that are available in the community.  We offer a wide variety of sports and athletic options, from highly competitive to simply recreational.  Abbotsford has a long tradition of having some of the top sports teams in the province.  Our teams and athletes perform well at the provincial and national level. 

Please note that some school teams can only accommodate a limited number of students and may require tryouts.  Some  sports with intensive practice and game schedules may not be possible due to the unreasonable amount of time it can take homestay parents to drive students back and forth.  

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Some of the sports available in our schools:

Fall Season 

  • Football (American) - WJ Mouat, Robert Bateman, Abbotsford Senior Secondary
  • Volleyball (Girls) - Abbotsford Senior, Robert Bateman, WJ Mouat, Yale
  • Volleyball (Boys)  - Yale 
  • Cross-Country Running (Girls) - Abbotsford Senior, WJ Mouat, Yale. Robert Bateman
  • Cross-Country Running (Boys) - Abbotsford Senior,  WJ Mouat, Yale, Robert Bateman
  • Swimming (Girls and Boys) - WJ Mouat, Yale, Robert Bateman
  • Golf (Girls and Boys) - Robert Bateman
  • Soccer (Boys) - Abbotsford Senior Secondary, WJ Mouat, Yale

Winter Season

  • Basketball (Girls and Boys) - Abbotsford Senior, Robert Bateman, WJ Mouat, Yale
  • Wrestling (Boys and Girls) -  WJ Mouat, Yale

Spring Season

  • Track / Field (Boys and Girls) - Abbotsford Senior, WJ Mouat, Yale 
  • Soccer (Girls) - Abbotsford Senior, Robert Bateman, WJ Mouat, Yale   
  • Rugby (Girls) -  Abbotsford Senior, Robert Bateman, WJ Mout, Yale 
  • Rugby (Boys) - Abbotsford Senior, Robert Bateman, WJ Mouat, Yale 
  • Golf (Boys and Girls) - Robert Bateman, WJ Mouat,  

Sport Academies 

Sport Academy Programs allow students to train intensively in their sport of choice while being supported in their academic studies.

  • Soccer (Boys and Girls) - Abbotsford Middle School / Abbotsford Senior Secondary
  • Hockey - Yale   
  • Golf - Robert Bateman
  • Baseball (Boys) - Yale 
  • Softball (Girls) - Yale 

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