Connecting Students & Families

Please note that we are no longer accepting students for September 2024.  We still have space for February 2025!

From time to time we cannot receive students into our District Homestay Program, however we cooperate with a number of homestay providers in the community CLICK HERE for more information 

We are ALWAYS looking for more qualified homestay families to take care of our International Students.  For more information about becoming a host family CLICK HERE

We believe that homestay is the most important part of the international experience, so we operate our own homestay department.  International students aged 12 or older can stay with a carefully selected Canadian homestay family while studying in Abbotsford.   Students younger than 12 must stay with their legal parent(s) or a direct relative such as an aunt, uncle, or grandparent.

Host families accommodate a maximum of 2 international students at a time.  Students have their own private rooms, and are always from countries that have different languages.  All homestay families must speak only English when the students are around.

Homestay in Abbotsford includes:

  • Homestay family profiles before students arrive
  • Tips on how to prepare for the home stay experience
  • A homestay orientation meeting before school begins
  • A clean, private, fully-furnished bedroom
  • Food provided for three nutritious meals a day
  • Access to a bathroom, laundry and other facilities
  • A 24-hour emergency contact number

Clear communication is critical

  • Our homestay department works closely with our International Student Liaisons to facilitate clear communication between students and families so that we can find potential challenges and respond to them quickly.
  • Shortly after arrival the homestay coordinator meets with each student individually to check on how they are settling into their new home, and to discuss family rules and expectations. 
  • We collect data on families and students to see how they measure up.  Each student and family must complete a survey in the second month of each semester.  When students leave the program we collect more information from them about their homestay experience.
  • Students can contact and meet with the homestay coordinator through their International Student Liaisons or directly at any time during the school year.  

The Homestay Selection Process

Our homestay selection process is designed to ensure students have the most comfortable and rewarding experience possible.

Homestay families are required to:

  • Attend an orientation session on the expectations of the home stay program
  • Have their home visited and inspected by our Homestay Coordinator
  • Have an interview with the Homestay Coordinator
  • Provide character references with their application
  • Pass a criminal record check
  • Family members must be able to communicate clearly in English. 

​For more information on what to expect in home stay, please see our Student Homestay Expectations and Guidelines.

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Interested in becoming a Host Family?

If you are interested in becoming a host family for the Abbotsford School District's International Student Program, please take some time to review the program details and host family guidelines. Our Homestay Coordinator would be happy to answer any additional question you may have!

Host Family GuidelinesContact our Homestay Coordinator

**Please note that from time to time our homestay program is not able to accommodate certain medical or dietary requests, including students who are taking prescription medication. In such cases students may be able to find a suitable homestay with one of the private homestay companies that operate in our region. Learn more about private homestay arrangements.