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If you are an international student aged 12 or older, you have the option of staying with a carefully selected Canadian home stay family while you study in Abbotsford.  We believe that homestay is the most important part of the education experience, so we operate our own homestay department to make sure that students are well taken care during their stay.

Each home stay family is selected according to very high standards, with your safety and comfort as a top priority. Most families only take one student per semester.  If students wish there are opportunities to stay with other International Students, however there are a very limited number of homes where this is possible, and a maximum of two students can be placed in selected homes.

Your home stay experience in Abbotsford will include:

  • Information on your home stay family before you arrive
  • Tips on how to prepare for your home stay experience
  • A home stay orientation meeting after your arrival
  • A clean, private, fully-furnished bedroom
  • Three nutritious meals a day, plus snacks
  • Access to a bathroom, laundry and other facilities
  • A 24-hour emergency contact number

You’ll also receive ongoing support from our International Assistants and Home Stay Coordinator, who regularly visit home stay families to assist with communication and any other questions or needs that may arise. To ensure a positive experience for host families and international students, both families and students must complete a bi-monthly home stay evaluation.

Please note that international students under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent while studying in Abbotsford, and are therefore ineligible for home stay.

How much does home stay in Abbotsford cost? View our Fees.

For Homestay Videos: click here.

The Home Stay Selection Process

Our home stay selection process is designed to ensure you have the most comfortable and rewarding experience possible.

Families in Canada interested in offering their homes for home stay must:

  • Attend an information session on the expectations of the home stay program
  • Have their home visited and inspected by our Home Stay Coordinator
  • Have family members interviewed by the Home Stay Coordinator
  • Provide character references with their application
  • Pass a criminal record check
  • Attend two training sessions during the home stay year

For more information on what to expect in your home stay experience, please see our Home stay Expectations and Guidelines.

If you are interested in becoming a host family for the Abbotsford School District International Program, please click here