Study Programs

One of the best ways to learn English and have a great Canadian experience is to enroll in a study program in Abbotsford School District's International Student Program.  International students greatly improve their English skills and make new friends while studying alongside Canadian students, interacting with their homestay home stay families, and while taking part in extracurricular activities.

Study Programs Available for International Students Ages 5 - 18 (students can not be turning 19 during the program)

  • One semester minimum (September to January, or February to June)
  • One year
  • Multiple  years
  • Academic Summer School (only available for students already studying in Abbotsford)

Please note that we do not offer

  • Summer camp programs
  • Winter camp programs 

Please contact us for inquiries regarding study programs shorter than one semester.

Acceptance in a program and school placement is dependent on:

  • Your educational background
  • Your academic standing (according to transcripts and reports)
  • Space availability

International students are fully supported by Abbotsford’s International Assistants, who are there to help them have the best learning experience possible. Learn more about our exceptional student support.

How much does a study program in Abbotsford cost? View our Fees.