Cool Courses

In addition to excellent academic programs, we offer many "cool courses" to choose from.

Interested in Technology? 

Abbotsford is a top performer in a number of technical programs, offering advanced level courses on the latest industry standard technology.

Film - Abbotsford is consistently ranked as one of the top Film programs in Canada, and in the last 3 years has been #1 twice!  Vancouver is a major film hub, often called "Hollywood North", so there is a lot of demand for talented film students and technicians.  More information  

2+3D Animation -  Our animation programs consistently rank as the best or one of the best in Canada.  More information

2+3D Drafting and Design - As the first highschool in North America )and possibly the world!) to have a 3D printer, we have a LOT of experience in technical drafting and design.  This course is ideal for students who are intested in becoming engineers or architects.   More information Download PDF


Aviation Course - Abbotsford has a thriving aviation industry, with many opportunities for employment.  In conjuction with Chinook Helicopters (one of the top Helicopter training schools in the world, often referred to as the "Harvard of Helicopters") students learn all of the technical requirements necessary to become an pilot, and at the end of the course write the Transport Canada ground school certification exam.  More information  Download PDF

Palo Alto CyberSecurity - in 2 semesters students learn how to defend networks from external threats.  The course follows the Palo Alto Cyber Security curriculum, at the end of the program qualified students can write the Palo Alto certification exam.  More information  Download PDF

StudioWorks recording, Digital Photography, Programming...

Are you creative and you like to express yourself?

Dance, Music, Music Production, Art, Drama, Film, Photography, Graphic Design....

Do you see yourself in the business world?

Law, Accounting, Business, Management, Marketing, Economics...

You like working with people?

Sports Rehab Medicine, Tourism, Outdoor Recreation, Psychology...