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The following forms must be completed and uploaded during the online application.


  1. Copy of student's passport (all applications)
  2. Student Participation Agreement (all applications)
  3. Waiver form for Participation in High Risk Activities (all Grade 9 - 12 applications)
  4. Student Homestay Application (only if District Homestay required)
  5. Airport Pickup Service  (only if Airport Pickup Service required)
  6. Homestay Waiver Form - to be signed by legal parents of students who are NOT in the Abbotsford School District Homestay Program and who are NOT living with their natural parents while in Abbotsford.  *Note: Students under 12 MUST live with legal parent OR a direct relative while in Abbotsford.


Additionally all students being picked up at the Vancouver International airport must:

1) complete and send the Arrival Confirmation Form

2) have the Airport Arrival Instructions with them 


Students and families will also find the documents below useful for preparing for life in Canada and life in Abbotsford

Predeparture Information

Homestay Host Family Guidelines and Expectations

Abbotsford International Student Homestay Guidelines

Student Homestay Guidelines - Portuguese

Student Homestay Guidelines - Korean

Student Homestay Guidelines - Spanish

Student Homestay Guidelines - Chinese

Student Homestay Guidelines - Japanese