Integrated Arts

Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts (ASIA), Sumas Mountain Campus is a public school of choice currently enrolling Grades 6-12.  It is the only school in Abbotsford to house both a middle and a secondary program.

The Integrated Fine Arts Curriculum 

  • Provides students with direct intensive study and skill development in the Fine Arts.
  • Encourages students to demonstrate their learning in Core Curriculum through the Arts.
  • Classroom teachers are required to have post-secondary qualifications in core academic subjects, and qualifications and experience  in music, art, dance, digital media, or drama.
  • Teachers are expected to integrate the arts into the core academic curriculum.

Applying to the program

To apply, students should be prepared to show works of his/her art as evidence of his/her artistic interest.  Work can include paintings, drawings, sketchbooks, video, audio.  

Acceptance is based on 

  • space available in the school
  • the student's interest and aptitude of the arts

**Note: Because there is limited space available in this school please contact the International Program Manager to see if placement will be possible.

Visit Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts Website.