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Application Instructions

**Please note that while we have space in our Schools for September 2019 WE NO LONGER HAVE ROOM IN OUR HOMESTAY PROGRAM.  We can still accept students if they are able to make their own private homestay arrangements.  Please contact us for information about alternate homestay providers**


Before beginning, you may find it useful to view a Word Document copy of the application so that you know what information will be required.  Once you have collected the info you will be required to enter it into the online application...

Click here to start the easy online application process

**Please note that you have 7 days to complete the application from the time you begin.  It is a good idea to make sure that you have all documents ready before beginning**

After you submit all necessary documents, your application will be screened for admittance into the International Program.  

If you are accepted a pre-acceptance letter will be e-mailed to you or your representative, as well as an invoice for applicable fees.  These fees include:

Program Fees (Tuition, Medical, Textbooks)
Homestay Placement (if using our homestay program)
Monthly Homestay Fees (if requested)
Airport Pick Up Service Fees (if requested)

Once payment is received in full by the date specified on the invoice, you or your representative will receive the following:

Your official letter of acceptance
Notarized custodian document (if requested)
Arrival confirmation form
Orientation information
Pre-departure information
Homestay information package

Applying for Your Study Permit and Final Application Steps

After you’ve been accepted into Abbotsford’s International Program, you must apply for a permit to study in Canada, which can be done at your local Canadian Embassy. Here is a list of Canadian offices around the world to help you find the one closest to you.

Learn more about applying for a Canadian study permit.

Final application steps:

If you have any questions about the application process, please Contact Us.


Abbotsford School District has partnered with NorthStar Currency Ltd. to provide our families and partners with a more convenient and efficient method of sending international payments to Abbotsford School District.

NorthStar Currency allows you to:

  • Pay from any country and bank
  • Save money on bank fees and ensure the payment is received in full
  • Pay by Visa and Mastercard in over 40 currencies

All payments are guaranteed and are fully trackable - for more details click here

To start the payment process, visit

For questions about making a payment with NorthStar Currency, email

Fees can alternately be paid by:

1. International Money Order or Cheque delivered to:

Attention: International Education Program       (**Very important this is written on the envelope**)
Abbotsford School District
2790 Tims Street,
Abbotsford, BC V2T 4M7

2. Direct Wire Transfer - Banking details will appear on the invoice

Do not make Payment by direct deposit to our bank. All payments must be processed by our office.

  • All monies deposited by wire transfer to the above account must clearly state the student's name.
  • A copy of the wire transaction must be sent to the International Student Office by fax or email.
  • All payments must be sent directly to the International Student Office for processing and deposit.
  • If you are paying for more than one student, one wire transfer or cheque may be made in the full amount due.

For questions about your student account, please contact the International Program Office.


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