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Student Success

Why is Abbotsford, BC a great choice for you?

One of the best educations in the world!

Many people don't realize that Canada is ranked by the OECD as one of the best high school education systems in the world, and that of all the English speaking countries, Canada is #1!   According to the OECD, ranks well above the UK and the US (based on combined science, math and literacy results.)  See this report from the BC Government

British Columbia has the overall best education in Canada

Within Canada, British Columbia consistently ranks as one of the top provinces, scoring higher than the Canadian average.  In the latest PISA results BC schools were ranked #1 in Canada, ranked #3 in the world overall (combined math, science and literacy), and #1 in the world for literacy.  We truly offer a world class education.

Graduation Rates

Abbotsford students have a Grade 12 graduation rate that is consistently above BC’s provincial graduation rate
Of those Grade 12 graduates, 45% graduated with honours (above BC’s provincial rate of 43%)

All Abbotsford Schools offer great education opportunities, and all of them accept international students and provide ESL support.

Strong academic results = Great access to University

Abbotsford graduates have gone on to study at outstanding universities across Canada and around the world. If students are smart, motivated, and work hard, they can achieve great success.

Some of the schools our students have attended are:

Oxford University - Rhodes Scholarship
Cornell University
Brown University
Clemson University
Parson's School of Design
John Hopkins University
Seoul National University
University of Toronto
University of British Columbia

Our students have gone on to achieve great academic success, including:

PhD at Stanford now working in the Senate in Washington DC
Medical researcher for NASA
PhD at Stanford now working for Google Translate
MBA at Oxford
PhD at Johns Hopkins now working as an associate professor in Economics at Fordham University
PhD in chemical physics at Stanford,
Harvard Medical School graduate now working as an Emergency Medicine Resident at OHSU
PhD in Neuroscience at Case Western Reserve University now working as an associate professor in the department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University,
PhD in Astrophysics now working at MIT,

and many more.....