Applications for September 2018 are closed

We are no longer accepting applications for September 2018.  We are now accepting applications for February 2019.

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3-D Design / 3-D Printer

Abbotsford was the first program in North America to run a 3-D Printer in High School.  This is an ideal course for students interested in engineering, architecture or design.

In Drafting & Design courses you will learn auto-CAD, Inventor and Revit, the same computer programs used in these professions and many others.  You will learn the basic types of technical drawings and how to draw them on the computer.  Mechanical drafting styles will be used to draw machine parts and the like.  Architectural drafting styles will be used to draw house plans.  By the end of the course you will be able to draw the complete set of plans needed to build a house, 3D solid models, 3D animations and fully rendered layouts.  These courses are valuable for students looking to go into engineering at university.  Unleash the designer in you!!!  Take Designworks DD.

Students can start in grade 9, 10, 11 or 12!  There are three levels of Designworks:  Drafing & Design classes to choose from.  In grade 9 or 10, students start by taking Designworks:  DDI.  If a student wishes to start in grade 11 or 12, they can do so by taking Designworks:  DD II.  As student progress towards DDIII they are presented with open-ended project based learning opportunities.  These fun and engaging courses open the doors to the world of design and rapid digital prototyping.

Watch this short video of how our 3D technology transforms and produces