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Chenyao Li - International Scholarship Winner

The word ‘perfect’ will be the word I use to describe my three years in Abbotsford.

My Life in Canada - I have been in Canada for three years. The International Student program was very helpful. For example, the International Assistant, field trip, and other activities.

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Hoyoung James Lee - Internationals Scholarship Winner

I learned English very fast with the help of good friends and my amazing teacher.

I first came to Canada when I was 9 years old (grade 4). Everything seemed new and very difficult for me to achieve.

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Tom Jeong - International Scholarship Winner

Abbotsford was perfect place to learn about the world: multi-cultural life, proper working habit, effective communication and true friendship.

Sometimes in life, you need to try to achieve something that is necessary even if you hate it.

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Lisa Lee - International Scholarship Winner

I faced numerous challenges while studying abroad in Canada which not only helped me to cultivate adaptability to different circumstances, but strengthened my problem solving skills as well.

Imagine a world where everything happened as it was planned and life was easy and predictable.It might seem ideal at first, but without struggle or disappointment, personal growth would be limited

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